“Sticks and stones will break your bones but nurses will put you back together.”

When Dad was young he wanted to grow up to be a Dad. He got his wish, times 3. Dad is laid back, funny and artistic. He loves making crafts with his daughters, making crafts for the house or collecting things to make crafts with in the future. He’s a nurse and is fascinated with how the human body works, a source of biological knowledge that proves invaluable to his dino fixated step-daughter.


“When I grow up I want to be a chief fossil hunter just like Barnum Brown. Fossil hunters are kind of like spies. They sneak into rocks to uncover secrets.”

Dana (10) is an adventure seeking girl who dreams about all things Jurassic. She’s a lover of science and knowledge and finding new ways to annoy older sisters. She’s whip smart and therefore clever enough to know when she needs a helping hand or a new piece of intel. Dana is obsessed with dinosaurs because paleontologists haven’t figured out everything about them yet; Dana’s mission is to fill in the missing pieces. She’s a ‘ready, fire, aim’ type person, someone who would rather jump in, enthusiasm first, and then figure out a new strategy if that doesn’t work. Though Dana has a magical ability to imagine dinosaurs into the real world, her real power is the way she’s able to ignite excitement in everyone around her!


“What is it Dana!?”

Saara (12) is an adventure shy girl who dreams about all things pop culture. She’s a lover of music and dancing (in your room with no audience) and surviving annoying younger sisters. Saara’s on the verge of being a teenager but still has one foot in the kid space, a foot that is being tightly held by her younger sister Dana. She’s a ‘ready, aim, maybe we shouldn’t fire’ type person, someone whose indecision could lead to inaction were it not for a younger sister who occasionally pulls her out of her comfort zone. Saara and Dana are typical sisters: both loving and at war seemingly in the same breath.


“When I said imaginary friends I didn’t mean a herd of dinosaurs…”

Working and expecting, Mom is always on the go. She’s a tough, no nonsense Veterinary Technician who’s seen her share of hamster disasters. Practical to a fault, Mom sometimes overlooks the emotional side of a given situation opting instead for the cold comforting hand of science. Mom’s knowledge of animal traits and habits often comes in handy when Dana’s trying to figure out a particularly challenging dino experiment.